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Welcome to my website. I am the GA-Rider, but most call me Garry Stewart. I enjoy motorcycling, photography and software development, and this is my little corner of cyberspace where I try to merge these interests.

When I take motorcycle trips I always take the less traveled roads and try to find interesting places along the way. I enjoy the “twisty” roads of the mountains, and I am close enough to the North Georgia Mountains to be on some really great motorcycle roads in about an hour. On weekend rides I regularly venture into the Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee mountains, and wander further on longer duration trips. I almost always have a camera with me and if I see something interesting I’ll stop and take a few pictures.

I hope you find my pictures, ride trip reports and website interesting. This website changes frequently as I keep it updated with my latest rides so check back often.

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Thank you for visiting the GA-Rider.


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